On May 3, 108, prospective college students had an appointment with the teacher

Event time: May 3, 108 (Friday) event location: Central Plains Univer
sity (Taoyuan City, Zhongyuan District, 200 Zhongbei Road) – Participants: Central Plains Unive
rsity special selection, stars, individual applications, sports performance, physical and mental disability screening of prospective college s
tudents, activity costs: free (insurance, lunch) Registration meth
od: fill in the online personal data registration content, to complete the registration procedures, after the successful registration by email notice.Registration will run from now until 12 noon on Wednesday, 1 May.
Online registration site: https://goo.gl/CyfKbh (event-related information can also be found on facebook, "Central University Center for Science and Humanities Education Development" fan page)

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