CYCU First Step into the World Online Lectures

Dear CYCU freshmen:

Congratulations on your enrollment to Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU)! As an international university, we are always striving to guide our students in their journey to excellence in this global village.

This summer, we are providing a series of online lectures: CYCU First Step into the World Online Lectures, to introduce abundant international resources in CYCU. In each session, directors or representatives of Offices of Globalization Promotion from all CYCU colleges will be talking about how we help our students acquire holistic international abilities through various international academic and industrial projects, the student life and academic support program, the exchange student program, and many other fascinating initiatives.

So, if you are interested in what colleges in CYCU have to offer, and what you can get
to boost your international competitiveness, please don’t hesitate to join us NOW!

Lectures and registration info:

  • Registration: Now ~ 2021/8/13 16:00 pm GMT +8 (Taipei Time Zone)
  • Name: CYCU First Step into the World Online Lectures
  • Event Date: 2021/8/16 ~ 2021/8/19
  • Event time: 10:00 am ~ 12:20 pm or 13:00 pm ~15:00 pm GMT +8 (Please see details in the agenda)
  • Number of Participants: 40 ~ 60 per session
  • Language used: English
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams (Entry links will be sent via email)
  • Registration:
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